Office of the Procurement Executive

The Office of the Procurement Executive, A/OPE, provides overall leadership of the procurement and grants functions for the Department of State. A/OPE issues procurement and grants policy, provides quality assurance and statistical reporting, and appoints contracting officers and grants officers.

A/OPE assists overseas embassies and consulates in contracting for needed supplies, services, and construction. Although the contracts are normally signed by General Services Officers at the embassy or consulate, the Office of the Procurement Executive provides guidance on contracting matters and assists in making solicitations available to U.S. businesses.

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The Department of State Acquisition Regulation (DOSAR) is the Department's supplement to the government-wide federal acquisition regulation. It provides guidance to Department personnel involved in the acquisition process. Those portions that affect contractors have been published in the Federal Register and are part of 48 CFR, Chapter 6.

A/OPE's general telephone number is 703-516-1684, FAX 703-875-6155.