Table of Contents

Trafficking in Persons Report
Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons
June 12, 2007

Letter from Secretary Condoleezza Rice

The 2007 Trafficking in Persons Report
Human Trafficking Defined
The Scope and Nature of Modern-Day Slavery
Focus of the 2007 TIP Report

Learning More: The Forms and Impact of Human Trafficking
Labor Trafficking
Bonded Labor
Involuntary Servitude
Debt Bondage and Involuntary Servitude Among Guest Workers
Involuntary Domestic Servitude
Forced Child Labor
Child Soldiers
Sex Trafficking and Prostitution
Children Exploited for Commercial Sex
Child Sex Tourism

Policy Approaches to Trafficking in Persons
Focusing on Forced Labor and Sex Trafficking
The Policy of Victim Rescue
The Myth of Movement
Health Impacts of Trafficking in Persons
HIV/AIDS and Trafficking in Persons
The Many Causes of Trafficking: Supply and Demand
The Greatest Challenge: Victim Protection
The Victim-Centered Approach

Topics of Special Interest
Random Factor in Transnational Trafficking
Servitude on the High Seas
Trafficking for Involuntary Domestic Servitude
Involuntary Domestic Servitude in Diplomatic Residences
Trafficking of Migrant Laborers: The Onus on Source Governments
Trafficking of East Asian Women through Brokered Marriages
Criminal Punishments for Sex Trafficking and Forced Labor: Seeking Parity
Child Soldiering: The Challenge of Holding Perpetrators Accountable
Confiscation of Travel and Identity Documents: A Trafficking Tool
Child Sex Tourism: Technology and Pornography
Debt Bondage in Prostitution
Sponsorship Laws and Forced Labor
West African Child Trafficking Victims and the Cocoa Industry
Barring the Import of Products Made with Slave Labor
The Plight of the Burmese

Global Law Enforcement Data
Commendable International Efforts
Heroes Acting To End Modern-Day Slavery
Tier Placements
U.S. Government Domestic Anti-Trafficking Efforts
Country Narratives
Special Cases
Relevant International Conventions
Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000
Stopping Human Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation, and Abuse by International Peacekeepers
Glossary of Acronyms
A Closing Note From the Drafters of the Report

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