PRM-funded Research and Evaluation

PRM supports humanitarian research in order to: (1) promote evidence-based decision making on priority protection, assistance, and durable solution challenges; (2) enhance knowledge and develop guidance and tools to improve the performance of the Bureau and its partners; and (3) disseminate and encourage the use of research findings and recommendations, guidance and tools by other humanitarian stakeholders. Research is instrumental in helping the Bureau and its partners adapt programs and policy engagement to emerging challenges and priorities, including through the development of tools, operational guidance, and best practices. Applying the knowledge and tools gained through research contributes to sound stewardship resources.


10/07/16  FY 16: Harnessing the Power of Businesses in Responding to Refugee Crisis: A Blueprint for Improved Humanitarian-Private Sector Collaboration (The Urban Institute)
10/07/16  FY 16: Older Age and Disability in Humanitarian Crises (HelpAge International)
10/07/16  FY 16: From Feedback to Action: Strategies to Improve the Use of Beneficiary Feedback (International Rescue Committee)
10/07/16  FY 16: Understanding Stakeholders' Interpretations and Use of Voucher-Based Refugee Relief Assistance (University of Notre Dame)
10/07/16  FY 16: Environmental Impact of Refugee Camps: Resource Usage and Management (Institute for the Study of International Migration, Georgetown University)
10/07/16  FY 16: Supporting How Service Providers Coordinate Services to Refugees in Urban Areas (The RAND Corporation)
12/14/15  FY 15: Economic Impact of Refugees on Host Communities: Social Networks, Economic Vulnerability, and Resilience Among Urban Refugees in Kenya, Turkey, and Pakistan (Urban Institute)
12/14/15  FY 15: Global, National and Local Intersections: Educational Policies and Schooling Practices for Urban Refugees (Teachers College, Columbia University)
04/10/15  FY 13: Resettling Refugees with Significant Medical Conditions (USCRI)
03/02/15  FY 13: Breaking the Hourglass: Partnerships in Remote Management Settings - The Cases of Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan (Feinstein International Center, Tufts University)
10/15/14  FY 14: Assessment of Gender-Based Violence and Related Health Among Stateless Persons (Johns Hopkins University)
10/15/14  FY 14: Ending Gender Discrimination in Nationality Laws (Equal Rights Trust)
10/15/14  FY 14: Strengthening Evidence-Based Humanitarian Decision-Making: Understanding Refugee Returns to Urban Areas (Church World Service)
10/15/14  FY 14: Strengthening Local Government Responses to Displacement in Africa (The Urban Institute)
07/15/14  FY 13: Evaluating a Comprehensive Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services for Vulnerable Refugees (International Medical Corps)
09/20/13  FY 12: The Impact of Statelessness on Women in Thailand With a Focus On Legal Empowerment and Vulnerability to Human Trafficking
06/17/16  FY 12: Best Practices for Engaging Community-Based Child Protection Mechanisms in Protracted Refugee Situations (Health Net-TPO)
FY 11: Blind Alleys: The Unseen Struggles of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Urban Refugees in Mexico, Uganda and South Africa
03/29/13  FY 11: Accessing Services in the City: The Significance of Urban Refugee-Host Relations in Cameroon, Indonesia, and Pakistan (Church World Service)
03/29/13  FY 11: Refugee Livelihoods in Urban Areas: Identifying Program Opportunities (Tufts University, Feinstein International Center)
03/29/13  FY 11: Invisible in the City: Protection Gaps Facing Sexual Minority Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Urban Ecuador, Ghana, Israel, and Kenya (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)
04/20/12  FY 11: Developing a Profiling Methodology for Displaced People in Urban Areas (Tufts University, Feinstein International Center)
04/20/12  FY 11: Economic and Protection Strategies to Assist Urban Refugees (Women's Refugee Commission)
03/29/13  FY 10: Mainstreaming Urban Refugees in Jordan and Egypt (Georgetown University)
05/09/12  FY 10: Understanding Hand Washing Behavior in Protracted Refugee Situations (International Rescue Committee)
02/27/13  FY 10: Satellite Imagery for Rapid Estimation of Displaced Populations: a Validation and Feasibility Study
05/09/12  FY 10: Aging in Displacement (Johns Hopkins University)
05/09/12  FY 10: The Cost of Statelessness: A Livelihoods Analysis (Kingston University)


01/29/16  FY 15: Evaluating the Effectiveness of PRM Livelihoods Programs in Ethiopia and Burundi
12/09/14  FY 13: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Humanitarian Engagement and Programming in Promoting Local Integration of Refugees in Zambia, Tanzania, and Cameroon (Development & Training Services, Inc.)
10/06/14  FY 13: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Gender-Based Violence Prevention Programs with Refugees in Chad, Malaysia, and Uganda (Social Impact, Inc.)
02/27/13  FY 11: Evaluation of Humanitarian Assistance to Colombian Refugees in Ecuador and Somali Refugees in Kenya: Supporting Protracted Refugees' Livelihoods, Protection Space, and Self-Reliance.
03/29/13  FY 11: Evaluation of Reintegration and Recommendations for Program Strengthening in Afghanistan (Terra-P)
03/29/13  FY 08: Impact Evaluation of PRM Humanitarian Assistance for the Repatriation and Reintegration of Burundi Refugees (2003-2008)