FY 16: Older Age and Disability in Humanitarian Crises (HelpAge International)

Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration
October 7, 2016


There are an estimated one billion individuals with disabilities worldwide, the majority of whom are elderly. Disabilities can severely limit the ability of older persons to access humanitarian assistance due to physical inaccessibility, stigma and discrimination, and high levels of poverty amongst the disabled. The needs and risks faced by older persons with disabilities in emergencies, and the challenges they face in accessing humanitarian assistance are poorly understood and often left unaddressed. The purpose of this research project is to strengthen the evidence base for protecting and assisting older persons with disabilities with a focus on internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Ukraine and in Pakistan.


  • Produce a research report with concrete recommendations for improving protection and assistance to elderly IDPs living with disabilities.
  • Develop summary reports to inform advocacy with relevant stakeholders in Ukraine, Pakistan, and other countries with large populations of elderly IDPs
  • Disseminate findings and recommendations widely though briefings, social media, and incorporation into Global Cluster guidance documents.

The project is expected to be completed in August 2017.