FY 2012 Program and Budget Guide: International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement

Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs

Definitions – The acronyms PD&S and ICASS are used repeatedly throughout this document. Their definitions are as follows:

Program Development and Support (PD&S) – PD&S funds pay for the general and administrative expenses for operating INCLE foreign assistance programs. This includes salaries, benefits, allowances, and training of U.S. and locally engaged direct-hire and contract personnel. Funds also pay for organizational systems and tools for oversight and control, travel, and other costs for program planning, design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation. Country-based PD&S is also used to pay each post’s International Cooperative Administrative Support Services (ICASS) bills for INL programs.

International Cooperative Administrative Support Services (ICASS) – The ICASS system is the principal means by which the U.S. Government provides and shares the cost of common administrative support at its more than 200 diplomatic and consular posts overseas. The ICASS system seeks to provide quality services at the lowest cost, while attempting to ensure that each agency bears the cost of its presence overseas.