End-Use Monitoring Report
Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs
October 2002

AFM Armed Forces of Malta
ANTF Anti-narcotics Task force
AWM Awaiting Maintenance
BASH Bahamian Association for Social Health
BDF Belize Defense Force
BHSI Bell Helicopter Services, Inc.
CEPS Customs, Excise, and Preventive Service
CET Contraband Enforcement Team
CICAD National Counternarcotics Center
CID Criminal Investigations Department
CNP Colombian National Police
CONFEN National Drug Council
COPUID Ministry of Education
CORAH Interagency Ministry Coca Eradication Project
DAN Anti-narcotics Directorate
DAPAN Drug Abuse Prevention Association
DAS Department of Administrative Security
DAS Drug Action Service
DBF Brazilian Federal Police
DEA Drug Enforcement Administration
DEU Drug Enforcement Unit
DIANDRO Peruvian National Police
DIAT Drug Interdiction Assistance Team
DINAR Narcotics Police
DINTID National Police - Technical
DIPOD National Police - Operations
DISAP Aviation Directorate
DISIP Directorate of Intelligence and Prevention Services
DIVPA Police Aviation Division
DLEC Drug Law Enforcement Unit
DNCD National Directorate of Drug Control
DNA National Antinarcotics Directorate
DNI National Directorate of Investigations
DOAN Department of Anti-narcotics Operations
DOS Department of State
DPF Brazilian Federal Police
EDA Excess Defense Articles
ENP Ecuadorian National Police
ETSS Extended Training Support Services
EUM End Use Monitoring
FAC Colombian Air Force
FCB Frontier Corps Baluchistan
FEAN Special Anti-Narcotics Unit of he Technical Judicial Police
FMFP Foreign Military Financing Program
FMS Foreign Military Sales
FSN Foreign Service National
FW Fixed Wing
GAO General Accounting Office
GDF Guyana Defense Force
GOB Government of Belize/Brazil
GOC Government of Colombia
GOCR Government of Costa Rica
GOG Government of Guatemala
GN National Guard
GODR Government of Dominican Republic
GOJ Government of Jamaica
GOM Government of Mexico
GOP Government of Pakistan
GOU Government of Uruguay
GOV Government of Venezuela
GPF Guyana Police Force
GPS Trumble Transpak II Global Positioning systems (GPS)
IMLET International Maritime Law Enforcement Team
INC International Narcotics Control
INL Bureau of International Narcotics Matters
INP Narcotics Subdirectorate of the Indonesian National Police
JCF Jamaica Constabulary Force
JDF Jamaica Defense Force
JICC Joint Information Communication Center
JNTFS Joint Narcotics Task Force Units
LAN Local Area Network
MC Mission Capable
MCP Ecuadorian Military Police
MILGP U.S. Military Group
MLAT Legal Assistance Treaty Office
MLO Military Liaison Office
MTTS Mobile Training Teams
NADAPP National Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Program
NAO Narcotics Affairs Officer
NAS Narcotics Affairs Section
NBDF Northern Border Response Force
NCB Narcotics Control Board
NCO Narcotics Control Officer
NDAC National Drug Avoidance Committee
NDACC National Drug Abuse Control Council
NDDCB National Dangerous Drugs Control Board
NDLEA Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency
NDC Narcotics Drug Center
NEPA Non-Expendable Property Assessment System
NMC Non-mission capable
NNB National Narcotics Bureau
NOAA National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration
NWFP Northwest Frontier Province
OCNU Organized Crime and Narcotics Unit
OFECOD Interior Ministry Narcotics Policy Secretariat
OIG Office of Inspector General
OIJ Organization of Judicial Investigation
ONCB Office of Narcotics Control Board
OPBAT Operations Bahamas, Turks and Caicos
OSS Office of Strategic Services
PASA Participating Agency Services Agreement
PEPS Personal Exchange Program
PGR Attorney General of Mexico
PNB Police Narcotics Bureau
PSC Personal Services contractor
PSC Port Security Corps
PTJ Judicial Technical Police
RBDF Royal Bahamian Defense Force
RMMIS Regional Maritime Movement Information System
RW Rotary Wing
SAO Security Assistance Office
SAPOL Police Air Service
SCS Serious Crimes Squad
SDA Senior Development Advisor
SENAD National Anti-drug Secretariat
SMN National Maritime Service
TAFT Technical Assistance Team
TMO Turkish Soil Products Office
TP Turkish Police
UEA Executive Anti-narcotics Unit
UMOPAR National Police Rural Mobile Police Force
UNDCP United Nations Drug Control Program
USCG United States Coast Guard
USMLO United States Military Liaison Office
VECG Venezuelan Coast Guard
WLE Waterways Law Enforcement