Program Development and Support

International Narcotics and Law Enforcement: FY 2004 Budget Justification
Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs
June 2003

FY 2002 Actual

FY 2002 Supp

FY 2003 Estimate

FY 2004 Request

13,000 13,850 13,850

Budget Summary ($000)

Program JustificationThe Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) is charged with developing strategies and programs to achieve international counternarcotics and criminal justice foreign policy objectives. INL maintains a cadre of both domestic and overseas program and technical experts to carry out a wide range of initiatives. Washington personnel functions include, but are not limited to: international narcotics control and law enforcement policy formulation and implementation; coordination of policies and programs with other USG agencies and with other governments and international organizations; budget and financial management activities; program administration and analysis including development, implementation, oversight and evaluation of overseas programs; contract, procurement and information systems support; field assistance visits to Embassy Narcotics Affairs Sections and Law Enforcement Sections to review, analyze and make recommendations on programs, funds control and procurement; sponsoring regional policy and program management conferences and seminars; and, developing and providing training programs both domestically and overseas for embassy and INL personnel.

The Program Development and Support (PD&S) account funds the domestic administrative operating costs associated with the Washington-based INL staff. Over three-quarters of the PD&S budget request is programmed for salaries and benefits of U.S. Direct Hire (USDH) employees, personal services contracts, rehired annuitants and reimbursable support personnel. Currently, INL funding supports a Washington-based staff of 112 U.S. direct hire positions, 21 personal-services and 18 non-personal services contractor personnel, and 20 employees on detail from, or assigned to, other USG agencies. Eleven additional domestic positions support the Interregional Aviation Support program, but are funded from the Interregional Aviation Support account. Ten positions in the INL Office of Anticrime Programs are funded from the Department of State D&CP account.

Field travel for the INL personnel based in Washington is funded from the PD&S account. This is an essential component of the bureau’s program, needed for program development, implementation, oversight and review, as well as for the advancement of international counternarcotics and criminal justice foreign policy objectives. PD&S funds are utilized to maintain a reliable and secure information resource management system and operating infrastructure to enable bureau employees to pursue policy objectives and complete work requirements effectively and efficiently. In addition, funding for the following expenses ensure an adequate level of administrative support to allow the bureau to function effectively: office equipment rental, telephone services, printing and reproduction, miscellaneous contractual services (Information Management non-personal services contractor personnel, INL office renovation expenses, etc.), materials, supplies, furniture, furnishings and equipment.

FY 2004 ProgramThe PD&S budget request for FY 2004 will cover the annual, government-wide cost of living increase, in-grade step increases and promotions that occur during that fiscal year. It will also cover the annualized portion of wage increase for positions that INL plans to fill during FY 2004 to improve program oversight and expanded programs. Higher costs resulting from inflation for field travel and transportation costs; equipment rentals, communications and utility expenses; printing and reproduction; miscellaneous contractual services; and furniture, furnishings and equipment have been factored into the FY 2004 budget request.

Program Development and Support
INL Budget


FY 2002

FY 2002

 FY 2003

FY 2004

Personnel Compensation 8,196 8,532 8,830
Personnel Benefits 2,172 1,901 2,050
Field Travel and Transportation 535 560 560
Equipment Rentals, Communications and Utility Expenses 195 205 205
Printing and Reproduction 172 181 185
Miscellaneous Contractual Services 1,632 1,915 1,915
Materials and Supplies 69 72 75
Furniture, Furnishings and Equipment 29 484 30
Total 13,000 13,850 13,850