Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is the U.S. financial intelligence unit (FIU). During 2015, FinCEN conducted bilateral and multilateral training and assistance with foreign counterpart FIUs and various agencies and departments. This included spearheading a project aimed at multilateral information sharing between various FIUs to analyze and combat ISIL’s efforts with regard to terrorist financing. FinCEN hosted the Turkish FIU for a bilateral Analyst Exchange program to enhance its analytic capabilities and strengthen operational collaboration with FinCEN through exchange and analysis of ISIL-related financial intelligence data. Goals included providing participants an overview of each FIU’s capacities and programs as well as identifying, tracking, and developing actionable ISIL-related operational intelligence through joint analysis of previously exchanged financial intelligence data.

FinCEN also coordinated with regional partners and the Egmont Group of FIUs to hold major courses on FIU strategic analysis. FinCEN implemented the Egmont Strategic Analysis Course for Financial Intelligence Units of the Latin America Financial Action Task Force in Lima, Peru. FinCEN facilitated the training to 31 participants from 12 countries, which was planned for and conducted entirely in Spanish. This program gave participants an understanding of the skills, practices, and standards required to prepare quality strategic intelligence reports.

FinCEN also implemented an Analyst Exchange program with the Kenyan FIU. Such a program promoted good governance and anti-corruption efforts. Additionally, FinCEN held bilateral discussions with the Uganda FIU and talks with high-level Ghanaian officials.