International Law Enforcement Academies (ILEAs)

Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs

The ILEA program is an interagency effort to combat international crime through training and capacity building for foreign criminal justice personnel. The ILEA program helps to protect U.S. interests through enhanced international cooperation; and promote social, political, and economic stability by combating crime. To achieve these goals, the ILEA program provides high-quality training and technical assistance, supports institution building and enforcement capability development, and fosters relationships among American law enforcement agencies and their counterparts around the world.

Since the first ILEA opened in Budapest in 1995, the program has grown to five academies worldwide, and has provided training to over 50,000 students from over 85 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, and across Latin America. ILEAs offer three different types of programs to address global threats: a core program; specialized courses; and seminars and workshops. The core program is a six-week intensive professional development program – Law Enforcement and Leadership Development (LELD) – designed for mid-level law enforcement practitioners and tailored to region-specific needs and emerging global threats. The core program typically includes 40 to 50 participants, normally from three or more countries. The specialized courses, comprised of about 30 participants, are one- or two-week courses for law enforcement or criminal justice officials on a specific topic. Lastly, regional seminars or workshops present various emerging law enforcement topics such as transnational crimes, financial crimes, and counterterrorism.

The ILEAs help to develop an extensive network of alumni who exchange information with their regional and U.S. counterparts and assist in transnational investigations. Many ILEA graduates become the leaders and decision-makers in their respective law enforcement organizations. The Department of State coordinates with the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Treasury, as well as foreign government counterparts to implement the ILEA program.

Africa. ILEA Gaborone, Botswana opened in 2001. ILEA Gaborone delivers four core programs annually and also offers specialized courses for police and other criminal justice officials to boost their capacity to work with U.S. and regional counterparts. These courses concentrate on specific methods and techniques in a variety of subjects, such as anti-corruption, financial crimes, border security, crime scene investigations, drug enforcement, firearms, explosives, wildlife investigation, gender-based violence, and many others. ILEA Gaborone provided training to 684 students from 31 countries in 2014.

Asia. ILEA Bangkok, Thailand opened in 1999, and focuses on enhancing regional cooperation against transnational crime threats in Southeast Asia. Courses focus on combating illicit drug trafficking, terrorist financing and financial crimes, illicit wildlife trafficking, environmental crimes, and human trafficking. ILEA Bangkok provides one core program and also provides specialized courses on a variety of criminal justice topics each year. ILEA Bangkok trained 1,129 students in 2014.

Europe. ILEA Budapest, Hungary was the first ILEA and was established in 1995. ILEA Budapest delivers four core programs annually and also offers specialized courses on regional threats such as organized crime, environmental crime, cyber-crime, terrorist financing and financial crimes, leadership for women in law enforcement, and many others. ILEA Budapest trained 1,446 students in 2014.

Global. ILEA Roswell, New Mexico, USA opened in September 2001. ILEA Roswell provides the tools necessary to enable partner countries to formulate and execute effective and responsible criminal justice public policy. Unlike other ILEAs, ILEA Roswell draws its recruits from across the globe to include the graduates of regional Academies in Budapest, Bangkok, Gaborone, and San Salvador. ILEA Roswell trained 339 students in 2014.

Latin America. ILEA San Salvador, El Salvador opened in 2005. ILEA San Salvador delivers four core programs annually and also offers specialized courses on regional threats as well as specialized courses for police, prosecutors, and judicial officials. ILEA San Salvador courses concentrate on anti-gangs, human rights, illegal trafficking in drugs, alien smuggling, and terrorist financing and financial crimes. ILEA San Salvador trained 1,533 students in 2014