Drug Enforcement Administration

Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs

The Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA’s) Office of Financial Operations (FO) provides expert guidance to DEA’s domestic and foreign offices, as well as international law enforcement agencies, on issues relating to all aspects of financial investigations. FO works in conjunction with DEA offices, foreign counterparts, and other agencies to effectively identify the financial infrastructure supporting drug trafficking organizations and provide its financial expertise to fully dismantle and disrupt all aspects of these criminal organizations. Additionally, FO facilitates cooperation between countries, resulting in the identification and prosecution of drug money laundering organizations as well as the seizure of assets and the denial of revenue. FO regularly briefs and educates United States diplomats, foreign government officials, and military and law enforcement counterparts regarding the latest trends in money laundering, narco-terrorism financing, international banking, offshore corporations, international wire transfers of funds, and financial investigations.

FO regularly conducts international seminars for foreign law enforcement and military counterparts to share strategic ideas and promote effective techniques in financial investigations. During 2014, FO conducted a seminar on undercover financial operations in Guatemala City, for 15 participants from the Guatemala National Police and the Prosecutors Office; and a seminar on financial investigations in Montevideo, Uruguay, for 25 attendees from the Uruguay National Police, the Prosecutors Office, and the judiciary. The seminars focused on international money laundering trends, and what law enforcement techniques can be used to counter these developments within their jurisdictions.