International Law Enforcement Academies (ILEA)

Date: 04/28/2009 Description: Logo: International Law Enforcement Academy - ILEA Program


Speaking before the United Nations General Assembly at its 50th Anniversary on October 22, 1995, then-President Clinton called for the establishment of a network of International Law Enforcement Academies (ILEAs) throughout the world to combat international drug trafficking, criminality, and terrorism through strengthened international cooperation.

Now, years later, the United States and participating nations have moved ahead with the establishment of ILEAs to serve four regions: Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.

Depending on regional needs and United States national interests, we are prepared to consider establishing similar ILEAs elsewhere. We would seek a host country that enjoys political stability, has the ability to provide adequate infrastructure and is willing to share costs and responsibilities. The host government should also be able to provide a suitable site, easily accessible by reliable transportation links.

The ILEAs serve a broad range of foreign policy and law enforcement purposes for the United States and for the world. In addition to helping protect American citizens and businesses through strengthened international cooperation against crime, the ILEAs' mission is to buttress democratic governance through the rule of law; enhance the functioning of free markets through improved legislation and law enforcement; and increase social, political, and economic stability by combating narcotics trafficking and crime.  Read more