U.S. Support to Bangladesh For War Crime Trials

Stephen J. Rapp
Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues 
Dhaka, Bangladesh
January 13, 2011

Reuters Soundbites

AMBASSADOR RAPP: "My own commitment here, represented by my current position that I hold in Obama administration as an ambassador-at-large for war crime issues, at the support of the United States for accountability, and when great atrocities are committed, the importance that justice be done, even if it takes 40 years to accomplish the justice, it needs to be done and seen to be done."

AMBASSADOR RAPP:  "What we're dealing with here in Bangladesh are international crimes, the decision made by parliament in 1973 was to pass legislation, since amended in 2009, to allow for the prosecution of certain crimes that are defined under international law, crimes like genocide."

AMBASSADOR RAPP:  "Additionally, as has been pointed out to me, the people of Bangladesh very much want to see justice for these crimes."

AMBASSADOR RAPP:  "Perhaps not in the weeks after the crime, but even 40 years after the crimes, the individuals chose to target the innocents for their own political aims, who chose to kill and to maim innocent men, women and children will face consequences. And to the extent that message is sent here in Dhaka, to the extent it's sent in the Hague, Russia, Freetown and Phonm Penh, that message resonates and can protect other people around the world from experiencing the very horrors the people experienced here."