Universal Periodic Review

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR), established by the UN General Assembly in 2006, is a process through which the human rights records of the United Nations’ 193 Member States are reviewed and assessed. This review, conducted through the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), is based upon human rights obligations and commitments expressed in the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and other human rights instruments to which the State is party, such as human rights conventions. The United States is a strong supporter of the UPR process, which provides a unique avenue for the global community to discuss human rights around the world.

Individual countries are slated for review every four and a half years, with the United States scheduled for its second review in May 2015. UPR sessions take place at the HRC in Geneva, and are framed by reports submitted by national governments. The report submitted by the United States government for its UPR reflects interagency input and consideration of information collected from consultations with civil society and the American public.