2005 Acknowledgements

International Religious Freedom Report
Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor

With gratitude, we acknowledge those whose diligent labor and tireless commitment to religious freedom made this report possible. We thank the many Foreign Service officers at our embassies and consulates abroad for monitoring and promoting religious freedom, and for chronicling in detail the status of religious liberty. Their work advances the cause of freedom, ensures accuracy in our reporting, and brings hope to repressed people around the world.

Within the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, Office of International Religious Freedom, we wish to recognize David Abramson, Ben Bahney, Philip Barth, Warren Cofsky, Tammy Crittenden, Doug Dearborn, Todd Deatherage, Kenneth Durkin, Rachel Ellis, Acquania Gibbs, Nancy Hewett, Rachel Howard, Victor Huser, Shellette Jackson, Patrick Kelly, Stephen Liston, Kathryn Lurie, Michael Mates, Janet Mayland, Joannella Morales, Naseem Poshtkouhi, Matthew Schmolesky, Deborah Schneider, Stephen Wertheim, Jessica Woods, and David Young. In the Office of Multilateral Affairs, we wish to recognize Laura Gentile and Gianni Paz.

We are particularly grateful to the Office of Country Reports and Asylum Affairs for its assistance and guidance in the handover of the Report to the Office of International Religious Freedom. In the Office of Strategic and External Affairs, we extend our thanks to Sally Buikema, David Denehy, Carol Finerty, and Sarah Lohmann. In the Office of the Executive Director, we are indebted to the work of Jonathan Tull. Finally, a hearty thanks to the legions of Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor employees who donated proofreading time.