2004 Acknowledgements

International Religious Freedom Report
Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor

With gratitude, we acknowledge those whose diligent labor and tireless commitment to religious freedom made this report possible. We thank the many Foreign Service officers at our embassies and consulates abroad for monitoring and promoting religious freedom, and for chronicling in detail the status of religious liberty. Their work advances the cause of freedom, ensures accuracy in our reporting, and brings hope to repressed people around the world.

Within the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, the Office of Country Reports and Asylum Affairs, we wish to recognize Jared Banks, Cynthia Bunton, Joshua Davis, Doug Dearborn, Solange Garvey, Mitchell Guttman, Linda Hayes, Victor Huser, David Jones, Karla Jones, Paige Krause, Leonel Miranda, Shannon Noble, Jennifer Pekkinen, LeRoy Potts, Larkin Reynolds, Ereni Roess, Andrea Schwartz, Kimber Shearer, Alison Silber, Sharita Smith, Sarai Stewart, Ross Taggart, Julie Turner, and Tanika Willis.

In the Office of Strategic and External Affairs, we extend our thanks to Jarrett Basedow, Gene Bigler, Sally Buikema, Carol Finerty, and Jeffrey Jamison. In the Office of the Executive Director, we are indebted to the work of Alonzo Simmons.

In the Office of International Religious Freedom, the following people deserve recognition for their part in preparing this report: David Abramson, Renee Cotton, Todd Deatherage, Kenneth Durkin, Whitney Ford, Nancy Hewett, William Inboden, Shellette Jackson, Mina Khalil, Christina Lopez, Janet Mayland, Joannella Morales, Rebecca Riggs, Sasha Ross, Whitney Sado, Iman Shebaro, Stephanie Wolfe, and David Young.