Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

The Advancing Freedom and Democracy Reports were drafted at U.S. missions abroad. They were edited by the editorial staff within the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor with input from other Department of State and USAID offices. The editorial staff consisted of: Editor in Chief – Stephen Eisenbraun; Office Deputy Directors – Edward G. Grulich, Kari Johnstone, and Catherine Kuchta-Helbling; Editors – Cory Andrews, Sarah M. Buckley-Moore, Laura Carey, Elise Carlson-Rainer, Casey Clark, Sharon C. Cooke, Susan Corke, Stuart Crampton, Kathleen Crowley, Mollie Davis, Huseyin Dogan, Amy Feagles, Lauren Gandillot, Karen Gilbride, Jeff Glassman, Laura Gault, Patrick Harvey, Jill Hutchings, Alicia Juskewycz, Simone Joseph, Jessica Lieberman, Gregory Maggio, Stephanie Martone, John McKane, Steve Moody, Daniel L. Nadel, Catherine Newling, Susan O'Sullivan, Amanda Pourciau, Sabrina Ragaller, Melody Reiner, Patricia Meeks Schnell, Wendy Silverman, Leslie Taylor, Julie Turner, Karen Walker, and Nicole Wilett; Contributing Editor – Lynne Davidson; Editorial Assistant – Carol Finerty.