Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

The Advancing Freedom and Democracy Reports were drafted at U.S. missions abroad. They were edited by the editorial staff within the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor with input from other Department of State and USAID offices. The editorial staff consisted of: Editor in Chief – Stephen Eisenbraun; Office Directors – Bruce Connuck, Victoria Middleton, and Francisco Palmieri; Senior Editors – Karen Gilbride, Cheryl Harris, Lisa Heller, Jane S. Kim, Gregory Maggio, and Daniel L. Nadel; Editors – Joseph S. Barghout, Kate Berglund, Serban Brebenel, Sarah M. Buckley, Laura Carey, Elise Carlson-Rainer, Ryan J. Casteel, Sharon C. Cooke, Susan Corke, Stuart Crampton, Tamara L. Crouse, Mollie Davis, Douglas B. Dearborn, Cortney Dell, Joanne Faulkner, Saba Ghori, Karen Gilbride, Patrick Harvey, Lisa Heller, Simone Joseph, Sidney Kwiram, Jessica Lieberman, Kathryn Lurie, John McKane, Gaither Martin, David Mikosz, Steve Moody, Jennie Munoz, Catherine Newling, Michael Orona, Karen Paikin, Peter Sawchyn, Amy Schmisseur, Wendy Silverman, Erin Spitzer, Rachel Spring, Julie Turner, Rachel Waldstein, Nicole Wilett, and Isabelle Zsoldis; Contributing Editor – Lynne Davidson; Editorial Assistant – Carol Finerty; Technical Editor – Kimberley Jorgensen; and Technical Assistant - Eunice Johnson.