Solomon Islands

Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

Part 1

The Solomon Islands is a constitutional multiparty parliamentary democracy with a population of approximately 566,000. Parliamentary elections held in April 2006 were considered generally free and fair, although there were incidents of vote buying. Following a vote of no confidence in December 2007, the Solomon Islands Parliament elected a new Prime Minister in a peaceful manner and in line with its constitution. The government generally respected the human rights of its citizens, but there were problems in some areas including lengthy pretrial detention, government corruption, and violence and discrimination against women and minorities.

Part 2

Promotion of democratic principles, practices, values, and human rights is the guiding theme of U.S. government engagement in the country.

Part 3

The U.S. government supports multilateral programs to rebuild failed police and government institutions. The U.S. government actively advocates for the rights of and political participation of women through the International Women of Courage Program and International Visitor Leadership Program.