Application Checklist

July 29, 2016

Complete Applications Must Include:

  • Completed and signed SF-424, SF-424A, SF-424B and SF-LLL, if applicable
  • Table of Contents listing all documents and attachments, with page numbers
  • Cover Page that include the information provided in the Proposal Submission Instructions
  • Proposal Narrative
  • Detailed Line-Item Budget
  • Budget Narrative
  • Narrative of Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Performance Indicator Table
  • Audit (A-133 audit, if applicable) or standard audit
  • Risk Analysis
  • Key Personnel
  • Timeline

Additional Application Documents

Strong applications will also contain the following:

  • Individual Letters of Support and/or Memorandum of Understanding Letters of support and MOUs must be specific to the project implementation (e.g. from proposed partners or sub-award recipients) and will not count towards the page limit.