Chapter 5 -- Terrorist Safe Havens (7120 Report)

Country Reports on Terrorism
Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism
April 30, 2008

Update of Information Originally Reported Under Section 7120(b) of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorist Prevention Act of 2004

Title 22 of the United States Code, Section 2656f(b), requires that this report include "an update of the information contained in the report required to be transmitted to Congress under Section 7120(b) of the 9/11 Commission Implementation Act" (also known as the Intelligence Reform and Terrorist Prevention Act of 2004, or “IRTPA”). Section 7120(b) of IRTPA includes certain reporting requirements relating to terrorist "sanctuaries," which are included in the present chapter. Since the term "sanctuary" is commonly associated with places of worship, we have, for greater clarity and for consistency with the terminology used elsewhere in Country Reports on Terrorism, referred instead here to terrorist "safe havens." We interpret terrorist "safe haven" to have the same meaning as terrorist "sanctuary" for the purposes of Section 7120(b).

The 7120 report includes:

5.1. Terrorist Safe Havens: Strategies, Tactics, Tools for Disrupting or Eliminating Safe Havens
5.1.a. International Conventions and Protocols Matrix
5.2. Support for Pakistan
5.3. Collaboration with Saudi Arabia
5.4. Struggle of Ideas in the Islamic World
5.5. Outreach Through Broadcast Media
5.6. Visas for Participants in U.S. Government Programs
5.7. Basic Education in Muslim Countries
5.8. Economic Reform