Announcing the 2010 Finalists for the Secretary of State's Award for Corporate Excellence

Robert D. Hormats
Under Secretary for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs 
Washington, DC
September 3, 2010

I'm Bob Hormats, Under Secretary for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs, and I’m delighted to announce the 2010 finalists for the Secretary of State's Award for Corporate Excellence— also known as the ACE.

Since 1999, the Department of State has used the ACE to recognize American companies who are global leaders in corporate social responsibility. U.S. businesses are nominated by our ambassadors on every continent. This year we received a record – 78 nominations. I believe this is a testament to the growing role American firms are playing in advancing good corporate citizenship and democratic principles.

Of those companies, we have 12 finalists chosen by the interagency Principals’ Award Selection Committee.

The 12 finalists for the 2010 ACE are:
  • Alta Ventures in Mexico
  • Cisco Systems in Israel
  • Coca-Cola in Swaziland
  • Denimatrix in Guatemala
  • FIJI Water in Fiji
  • GE in India
  • Intel in Costa Rica
  • Mars, Inc., in Ghana
  • PepsiCo in India
  • Qualcomm in China
  • Synopsys in Armenia
  • Tang Energy in China
Congratulations to all the finalists. You have demonstrated that “doing well” and “doing good” are not mutually exclusive. And you have shown that when companies treat their communities as well as their customers, we are all enriched.

In today’s shared and seamless world, American companies have great reach in promoting our values and our principles. There are millions around the globe who may never set foot upon our soil, but still may be guided by the light of our example. On behalf of all of us at the State Department, let me applaud these finalists for their tremendous work in demonstrating American leadership.

We all look forward to Secretary Clinton’s announcement of the winners at a ceremony here at the State Department this fall.

Thank you.