Transcript of "Explore H2infO" Video

Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs
Washington, DC
October 6, 2014

Voice Over:

The world's water challenges are complex. To solve them, it takes hearts...Minds...Men and Women....Children...But most importantly, it requires information. People need information to make informed decisions. And information that is simple and easy to access. How can the world find sustainable water solutions if they don't have the right information to do so?

Secretary Clinton:

"No country anywhere, no matter how developed is immune to the challenges that we face."

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And every day, the interests and members of the water sector are expanding. While this is an incredible opportunity, it makes access to water data, information and resources very difficult for developing countries.

"People have a lot of information, but the problem is the accessibility of that information."

Is there a way to collect all of these fragmented efforts and unite them all under one roof? The H2infO Portal fills this knowledge gap. H2infO provides one centralized portal in which users in developing countries can find information on their own specific water challenges, like food security, climate change or access to sustainable WASH and much more. And H2infO is evolving, increasing its ability to provide solutions to a growing number of water challenges.

"It's a way for us to access technology and information to make decisions."

Dr. John Holdren:

"Foundationally, to achieve all of those aims is the need to improve access to and exchange of water data and information."

Voice Over:

Secretary of State John Kerry stated, "That’s why we’re bringing together the best of American knowledge and ingenuity to scale-up integrative water solutions around the world.” We have the opportunity to connect U.S. water data and expertise to address global water challenges. We want to help you find your solutions We all know that knowledge is power. Let's build a world where data grows food. Where information eradicates disease. Where information educates children. Where information cleans hands. Where information protects environments Where information...changes our world. Visit to learn more.