Chapter 3: Components of the C-175 Request

Supplementary Handbook on the C-175 Process: Routine Science and Technology Agreements
Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs
January 2001

Requests for C-175 authority may vary according to the subject matter of the agreement and other relevant factors; however, all requests should include the following components:

1.  Background Document: In order for the Department of State to analyze and represent the agreement accurately, the agency must provide sufficient background information.  This should indicate whether the agency intends the proposed arrangement to be an international agreement, i.e., legally binding.  Chapter 4 specifies all of the components of a .



2.  Draft Text: The entire draft text of the proposed agreement must be attached to any request for C-175 authority.  In those exceptional cases in which C-175 is sought before a draft text is available, the proposed agreement must be described in sufficient detail to allow appropriate review.  In such cases, only C-175 authority to negotiate, but not to conclude (i.e., to sign), the proposed agreement would be available.  Separate C-175 authority to conclude the agreement would need to be sought once a text was agreed.  Chapter 5 highlights the important areas that must be considered when drafting a proposed international agreement.


3.  Legal Review: The submitting agency's legal office must have reviewed the entire request for C-175 authority before it is submitted to the Department of State.  It is important that the agency's legal office ensure that the agency has the authority to enter into and implement the proposed agreement, and that appropriate citations to that authority have been provided in the C-175 Background Document.  A statement attesting to this review, clearance, and authority must be included in the request for C-175 authority.





The originating agency should, if possible, submit the required documents to the OES staff electronically.10  The signed copies of the agency's concurrence statements accompanying the request can be faxed, however.


The following chapters elaborate each of the foregoing elements in greater detail.


10For e-mail addresses and other contact information for State Department officers with primary C-175 responsibilities, see Appendix F.