Bureau of Energy Resources

The Bureau of Energy Resources (ENR) leads the Department of State’s whole-of-government conduct of foreign policy relating to energy as well as efforts to promote international energy security. The Bureau serves as the principal advisor to the Secretary of State on energy security strategy, policy, operations, and programs. Through active diplomacy and programs, ENR works to ensure worldwide energy security by promoting free and fair markets and diversified global energy supplies. The Bureau coordinates with the Department and interagency on developing and implementing international energy-related sanctions, and works closely with the interagency to counter the exploitation of energy resources by violent extremists. ENR also capitalizes on U.S. leadership in clean energy innovation to open markets for U.S. companies abroad by promoting market-based policies and the introduction of advanced and efficient clean energy technologies. The Bureau also manages global programs that work to advance strong sector governance and capacity to manage responsible, sustainable extractive resource development, well-run, optimized electric power markets, and the transition to sustainable energy.

The Bureau of Energy Resources has three core objectives:

Energy Diplomacy: Works towards U.S., regional and global energy security through active engagement with major energy producers, consumers, transit states, and the private and public energy sectors.

Energy Transformation: Stimulates the market forces that are driving the shift toward a low carbon economy as integral to energy security and economic development.

Energy Governance and Access: Strengthens good governance, increases transparency, and improves commercially viable and environmentally sustainable access to the over one billion people without electricity. Conducts policy analysis on energy issues and outreach on U.S. energy priorities.

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