Counter Threat Finance and Sanctions

Counter Threat Finance and Sanctions (TFS), led by Deputy Assistant Secretary Andrew Keller, in conjunction with other bureaus and agencies:

  • Coordinates efforts to create, modify, or terminate unilateral sanctions regimes on countries such as such as Iran, Syria, and Burma as appropriate to the changing international situation;
  • Develops strategies for implementing specific aspects of sanctions regimes;
  • Builds international support for combating terrorist finance;
  • Combats the use of conflict diamonds and conflict minerals to finance rebellions against legitimate governments, including by managing U.S. participation in the Kimberley Process;
  • Provides foreign policy guidance on specific commercial business, export, import, and general licensing issues to the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control and the Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security; and
  • Coordinates domestic and international efforts to disrupt and dismantle the Somali pirate enterprise, including their financial networks.

Counter Threat Finance and Sanctions is composed of two offices: