Inside Economic Diplomacy Podcast: Welcome

Charles H. Rivkin
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs
Washington, DC
November 7, 2014

ASSISTANT SECRETARY CHARLES RIVKIN: Hello, everyone. My name is Charles Rivkin, and I'm the Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs here at the U.S. State Department. Welcome to our new podcast which we are calling Inside Diplomacy, where we will be discussing global challenges in the world today and how the State Department has evolved a new kind of diplomacy to address them.

Like you, the State Department recognizes that the world has become more complex, complicated, and challenging than any previous generation could ever imagine. As more and more of our challenges take place on the economic playing field, one of the clearest ways for us to address them and identify the most positive opportunities is to integrate an economic framework into our strategies and our thinking. We can no longer afford to keep economic policy and foreign policy separated.

As Secretary Kerry said shortly after he took office, we must conduct our foreign policy, and I quote, "not just in terms of the threats we face, but the products that we buy, the goods that we sell, and the opportunity that we provide for economic growth and vitality around the world." Under his leadership, at our embassies and here in Washington, we're devoting our time and resources to promote economic policies that strengthen our relationships, increase trade and investment, reduce poverty and hunger, and bring peace and security to the world. Sound ambitious?

Maybe. But the Secretary of State has set forth a challenge to build a vision of shared prosperity for the 21st century, and we're prepared to answer that call. With each new episode of Inside Diplomacy, we're going to give you an inside view of what our economic policy looks like, from sovereign debt negotiations, to conflict diamonds, to women's economic empowerment. We'll shine a light into how the State Department actually engages with the world.

We're launching this series to talk about the things that interest us, but we'd love to hear from you as well. You can leave your comments and feedback on our Facebook page, And if Twitter's more your style, you can find me at @AmbRivkin and my economic colleagues at @EconEngage.

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