2015 Highlights

Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs
December 31, 2015

This has been an exciting year for economic diplomacy. Our economic engagement worldwide is creating opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs, workers and consumers, while also supporting our security objectives. As we looked back over the year, we identified the following 10 Ways that Economic Diplomacy Shaped 2015.












Economic Diplomacy:

  1. Concluded a historic trade agreement with Asia Pacific partners.
  2. Advocated for $20.9 billion in U.S. sales to foreign governments in FY 2015.
  3. Defended the multistakeholder model for Internet governance from state-led challenges.
  4. Concluded the Trade Facilitation Agreement, the Information Technology Agreement, and a pact to cut agricultural subsidies at the WTO.
  5. Modernized air transport between the U.S. and Mexico.
  6. Reached a U.S.-Cuba Air Service Agreement and promoted Internet connections to deepen exchanges between our two nations.
  7. Negotiated the Sustainable Development Goals and Financing for Development objectives.
  8. Organized a successful Global Entrepreneurship Summit to promote innovation worldwide.
  9. Designed a U.S. strategy to cut ISIL’s revenue from oil and antiquities trafficking.
  10. Updated U.S. regulations vis-à-vis Burma and Cuba to reflect emerging opportunities.