The Secretary of State's Award for Corporate Excellence

March 31, 2009


Date: 03/31/2009 Description: Secretary of States Award for Corporate Excellence flier with seal and photo montage.

"When TAUG's buses and coaches were introduced onto the streets and highways of Cameroon, it was the beginning of something bigger than the provision of much-needed services. We have been privileged to participate in weaving our host country’s tapestry of economic and social development as a dedicated corporate citizen…the entire country [is] aware of our programs which we hope will become a model of U.S. business partnership for Cameroon’s betterment." --Ralph J. Thomson, Chairman and CEO, Transnational Automotive Group, Inc. (TAUG)

The Secretary of State's Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE) emphasizes the important role U.S. businesses play to advance best practices, good corporate governance, and democratic values overseas. The Department of State is committed to working with American business to further these exemplary practices worldwide and to recognize the contribution business makes to improving lives at home and abroad. We strongly encourage American companies to compete for this prestigious honor.

The Secretary of State presents the ACE to one or more firms at a ceremony held at the Department of State in the fall of each year. Members of the business, congressional, diplomatic and NGO communities are invited to attend the Award presentation. The event is covered by the media and broadcasted overseas and on the Department's website.

"GE believes business can fundamentally change the world for the better, by helping facilitate the flow of ideas and people, spurring innovation, and working to strengthen international rule of law. Responsible leadership and operational excellence are GE hallmarks, and our citizenship framework – make money, make it ethically and make a difference – enables us to contribute to society and create value in ways that are true to our strategy and culture. We find it to be uniquely sustainable, even in tough times." --Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman and CEO, GE

"The ACE award is one of the few recognitions that brings to the forefront the role of the private sector in development and preserving cultures. SURevolution’s mission has a firm business ground with a heart, and it is wonderful to realize that the State Department sees the private sector as an ally in building a safe and humane world." --Marcella Echavarria and Dina Rothstein, co-CEOs, SURevolution

Criteria for the Secretary of State's Award for Corporate Excellence

Nominations are based on companies' achieve¬ments. A selection committee comprised of senior Department of State and other governmental officials and chaired by the Under Secretary for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs, makes its determination of each year's winners based on the following criteria:

• Good Corporate Citizenship
• Exemplary Employment Practices
• Provision for a Safe and Healthy Workforce
• Responsible Environmental Protection and Practices
• Contribution to Overall Growth and Development of the Local Economy
• Innovative Programs with Measurable Results
• Compatibility/Contribution to Local Science and Technology
• Compliance with U.S., International, and Local Laws

The Nomination Process

The call for nominations is made each spring. Nominations are submitted by Chiefs of Missions at U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad. Eligibility requirements include the following:

1) Nominated firms must be American (having headquarters in the U.S.);
2) Each firm must have been operating in the host country/economy for at least one year;
3) The activity for which a firm is nominated must have been in place for at least one year.

"Our corporate responsibility is the foundation for all we do at Cargill in serving our customers, enriching our communities and engaging our employees. It is a companywide commitment to apply our global knowledge and experience to help meet complex economic, environmental and social challenges wherever we do business. The ACE shines a light on our extraordinarily dedicated China workforce and recognizes their contributions to the country’s economic and social growth. Having the recognition come from the highest levels of the U.S. government makes it that much more rewarding." --Gregory Page, Chairman and CEO, Cargill

"We must strengthen America’s position of global leadership – ensuring that we remain a positive force in the world, whether in working to advance the health of our planet, the rights of workers, or the best practices of the business community. Investing in our common humanity through corporate social responsibility and socially responsible development are not marginal to our foreign policy but essential to the realization of our goals. The core tenets of corporate social responsibility complement both our diplomatic and development efforts. Our history has shown that we are most effective when we see the harmony between our interests abroad and our values at home." --Hillary Rodham Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State