U.S.-EU Joint Statement of May 16, 2008 on Air Transport Agreement

May 16, 2008


Representatives of the European Community and its Member States met with representatives of the United States 15-16 May in Brdo, Slovenia for the initial round of negotiations toward a second stage Air Transport Agreement, in accordance with Article 21 of the Agreement.

Slovenian Minister for Transport, Mr. Radovan Zerjav, representing the Presidency of the European Union,  Mr. Zoltan Kazatsay, Deputy Director General of the Directorate of Energy and Transport of the European Commission, and Mr. C. Boyden Gray, Special Envoy for European Union Affairs of the United States, formally opened the proceedings.

The delegations of both sides expressed their deep gratitude and appreciation to the Slovenian Presidency for providing a perfect venue for beginning the negotiations in the beautiful and historic setting of the Brdo Congress Centre. They paid tribute to the professional, courteous and warm support the Slover~ian Presidency and its staff provided prior to and during the negotiations.

Both sides recognised the part these arrangements played in establishing the friendly and constructive atmosphere in which the talks took place. Both delegations welcomed the participation of representatives of Iceland and Norway as observers on the EU delegation.

To begin building on the comprehensive first stage Air Transport Agreement, which has been applied provisionally since 30 March 2008, each delegation outlined its positions for the second stage agreement. Both sides took this initial opportunity to discuss the proposals in further detail, and undertook to give them further in depth consideration. To take forward work in the respective areas of interest identified, both sides will develop proposals for the next round of negotiations to be held in Washington in September 2008.

The list of participants is at Attachment 1. Signed in Brdo on 16 May 2008

For the EU Delegation: Daniel Calleja

For the U.S. Delegation: John Byerly

 Attachment 1

List of Participants 
EU-U.S. Second Stage 
Brdo, 15-16 May 2008

European Delepation: 
Mr Daniel Calleja, European Commission, DG TREN, Director for Air Transport
Mr Daniel Edwards, European Commission, DG TREN, Directorate for Air Transport
Mr Carlos Mestre, European Commission, DG TREN, Chief Negotiator Air Transport Agreements
Mr Mark Nicklas, European Commission, DG TREN, Administrator Internal Market, Air Transport Agreements & Multilateral Relations
Ms Luisa Ragher, European Commission, EC Delegation in the United States
Mr Tomas Abadia Vicente, European Commission, DG RELEX, Desk Officer United States
Mr Liam Keogh, Ireland, Department of Transport, Air Services Development
Mr Dieter Gaupmann, Austria, Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology
Ms Mareike Bartkowski, Germany, Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs
Ms. Eugenia LlorCns Beltrtin de Heredia, Spain, Ministry of Fomento, Deputy Directress General for Air Transport
Ms. Birbara Trincado Cosio, Spain, Ministry of Fomento, Senior Advisor for Air Transport Agreement
Ms Samira Lahdahda, The Netherlands, Ministry of Transport, Public Works & Water Management, Senior Policy Advisor Market Access and Aeropolitical Affairs
Mr Pawel Moniak, Poland, Civil Aviation Office, International Agreements Division
Mr Thorkild Saxe, Denmark, Ministry of Transport, Head of Section, EU and Aviation Division
Mr Phil Dykins, United Kingdom, Department of Transport, Head of Bilateral Relations
Mr Clive Wright, United Kingdom, Embassy to the U.S.
Mr Lars Osterberg, Sweden.
Ms Irina Petrova, Republic of Bulgaria, DG of Civil Aviation Administration
Mr Krasimir Naydenov, Republic of Bulgaria, DG of Civil Aviation Administration
Mr Ottar Ostnes, Norway, Ministry of Transport
Ms Antonia Hatler, Austria, Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology
Mr Marek Skrna, Ministry of Transport, Czech Republic
Mr Tomas Vokaty, Ministry of Transport, Czech Republic
Ms Sasa Lesnik, Ministry of Transport, Slovenia
Ms Maria Teresa Lioi
Mr Pierre-Yves Bissauge
Mr Jean-Michel Bour
Mr Sylvain Four

Mr Steve Guynan, European Cargo Alliance
Mr Martin Chalk, European Cockpit Association
Mr GCrard Borel, ACI Europe
Mr Ottar Ostnes, Ministry of Transport and Communications
Mr Pierre Chauvin, Norway, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Department of Civil Aviation, Senior Advisor
Ms Astridur S. Thorsteinsson, Iceland, Ministry of Transport, Tourism and Telecommunications, Legal Adviser
Mr John Wood, British Airways
Mr Andreas Bulling
Mr Barry Humphreys, Virgin Atlantic Airways
Mr Ulrich Schulte Strathaus, Association of European Airlines
Mr Fabio Gamba, Association of European Airlines 

U.S. Delegation 
Department of State
Mr. C. Boyden Gray, Special Envoy for European Union Affairs
Mr. John Byerly, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Transportation Affairs
Mr. Matthew Finston, Office of Aviation Negotiations
Ms. Peggy Walker, Office of European Union and Regional Affairs
Ms. Kathleen Morenski, U.S. Mission to the European Union
Ms. Julianna Kim, U.S. Embassy, Ljubljana

Department of Transportation
Mr. Paul Gretch, Director, Office of International Aviation
Ms. Mary Street, Assistant Director, Office of International Aviation
Mr. Christopher T. "Kip" Tourtellot, Attorney Advisor, Office of International Law

Federal Aviation Administration
Mr. Kurt Edwards, FAA Representative, Brussels

Industry Associations
Mr. Russ Bailey, Air Line Pilots Association
Ms. Diane Peterson, Airports Council International - North America
Ms. Rosalind Ellingsworth, Independent Pilots Association
Ms. Cecilia Bethke, Air Transport Association
Mr. Robert Coffman, Allied Pilots Association
Mr. Paul Doell, National Air Carrier Association