Leadership of the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs

Date: 02/13/2014 Description: Charles H. Rivkin - State Dept Image   Assistant Secretary: Charles Rivkin
The Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs is responsible for overseeing work on international trade and investment policy; international finance, development, and debt policy; economic sanctions and combating terrorist financing; international energy security policy; international telecommunications and transportation policies; support for U.S. businesses, and economic policy analysis, public diplomacy and private sector outreach.
Date: 2016 Description: Patricia M. Haslach, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs - State Dept Image
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary: Patricia M. Haslach
The Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary manages the Bureau's day-to-day affairs and coordinates policy across the Bureau to enhance cohesion and advance cross-cutting issues.
Date: 08/09/2013 Description: Deputy Assistant Secretary Daniel A. Sepulveda - State Dept Image   International Communications & Information Policy -- CIP
Deputy Assistant Secretary: Daniel A. Sepulveda
The office of International Communications and Information Policy coordinates U.S. policy, leads U.S. participation at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and spearheads the U.S. Government's successful and focused diplomacy to ensure the complete freedom of the internet from restrictions by any country or organization. CIP helps protect the integrity of the U.S. Global Positioning System and guard against ICT key infrastructure vulnerability in undersea cables and satellites.
Date: 03/09/2016 Description: Ziad Haider serves as the Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs at the U.S. Department of State.  - State Dept Image
Commercial & Business Affairs -- CBA
Special Representative: Ziad Haider
The Office of Commercial and Business Affairs plays a major role in coordinating trade and investment matters in support of U.S. firms doing business overseas. CBA and the Department of State work with our U.S Government trade promotion partners and our U.S. embassies around the world to support American businesses overseas by providing commercial information, identifying market opportunities for American firms, and advocating on their behalf. In addition to State Department advocacy, CBA also can provide assistance in opening markets, leveling the playing field, protecting intellectual property and resolving trade and investment disputes.
Date: 2016 Description: Marc Dillard, Director, Office of Economic Policy Analysis and Public Diplomacy in the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs - State Dept Image
  Office of Economic Policy Analysis & Public Diplomacy -- EPPD
Office Director:
Marc Dillard
The Office of Economic Policy Analysis and Public Diplomacy works to promote economic policies that support growth by analyzing the effectiveness of current U.S. policies, engaging the private sector in policy planning and development, and by evaluating policy implications of emerging, cross-cutting economic issues. EPPD supports and promotes U.S economic policies through public diplomacy efforts including sustained outreach to media, other government entities, non-governmental organizations, business and civic groups, and educational institutions; and by promoting effective cooperation with Members of Congress and their staff on international economic issues. EPPD also manages the Secretary's Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE), the Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy (ACIEP), and supports the U.S. Mission to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
Date: 08/14/2014 Description: Lisa J. Kubiske - State Dept Image   International Finance & Development -- IFD
Deputy Assistant Secretary: Lisa Kubiske
IFD advances sustainable economic growth and development abroad by enhancing investment climates, fostering modern and well-regulated global financial markets, and helping countries reduce debt burdens and recover from financial crises. IFD coordinates with the international financial institutions (IFIs), other multilateral bodies, and other U.S. agencies -- including the Millennium Challenge Corporation -- to ensure that a strategic framework for assistance is in place to promote sound and sustainable economic growth.
Date: 01/20/2015 Description: Andrew Keller - State Dept Image   Counter Threat Finance and Sanctions -- TFS
Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary: Andrew Keller

Counter Threat Finance and Sanctions (TFS) coordinates efforts to create, modify, or terminate unilateral sanctions regimes as appropriate to the changing international situation; develops strategies for implementing specific aspects of sanctions regimes; builds international support for combating terrorist finance; combats the use of conflict diamonds and conflict minerals to finance rebellions against legitimate governments, including by managing U.S. participation in the Kimberley Process; provides foreign policy guidance on specific commercial business, export, import, and general licensing issues to the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control and the Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security; and coordinates domestic and international efforts to disrupt and dismantle the Somali pirate enterprise, including their financial networks.
Date: 05/12/2010 Description: William E. Craft, Jr. - State Dept Image
  Trade Policy & Programs -- TPP
Deputy Assistant Secretary:
William E. Craft, Jr.
Trade Policy and Programs (TPP) advances U.S. trade policy objectives by opening new export opportunities for American businesses, farmers, ranchers and workers through global, regional and bilateral trade initiatives - including free trade agreements (FTAs) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) Doha Development Agenda. In partnership with agencies across the federal government, TPP professionals and staff work to maximize the benefits of open markets for global economic development, address and resolve trade disputes, and improve access for U.S. goods and services abroad.
Date: 07/09/2014 Description: Thomas Engle - State Dept Image   Transportation Affairs -- TRA
Deputy Assistant Secretary:
Thomas S. Engle
TRA leads the negotiation of U.S. air services agreements, including the recent successful negotiation of Open Skies agreements with the EU, Canada, Thailand, Georgia, Liberia, and Kuwait, and major market liberalization with China and Argentina. The President's National Strategies for Maritime and Aviation Security give the State Department responsibility for international outreach and coordination, and TRA works closely with other Federal Agencies and Departments to carry out this mandate to protect American security overseas.