The Fiscal Transparency Innovation Fund

Fiscal Transparency Innovation Fund Basics

The FTIF was created in FY 2012 to help build technical capacity in governments that show will to improve their fiscal transparency and capacity of civil society to press for, analyze and monitor government finances. The FTIF thus complements and supports U.S. anti-corruption and transparency strategies – including in the G20, the Partnership on Illicit Finance, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), and Open Government Partnership (OGP), the Sustainable Development Goals (especially Domestic Resource Mobilization) and the Secretary’s intensified focus on governance and anti-corruption.

FTIF is co-managed by the Department of State’s Office of Monetary Affairs (OMA) and USAID's Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, and Environment (E3). OMA and E3 periodically ask embassies to submit project proposals for FTIF funding consideration. To date, there are 47 projects in 35 countries.

How can FTIF help? FTIF funding can:

• Provide technical assistance to build public financial management capacity

• Train policymakers to strengthen financial management policies

• Help construct tools for the public dissemination of budget documents

• Establish workshops for government officials, civil society leaders, and journalists

• Empower civil society organizations to monitor public funds and expenditures

• Fund other innovative approaches to advance fiscal transparency

For more information:

• DoS’s Office of Monetary Affairs:

• USAID’s Office of Economic Policy:

• The Fiscal Transparency Report:

Questions about the program or funding opportunities:

• Contact EB-Fiscal Transparency (