Award for Corporate Excellence 2013

Secretary of State John F. Kerry presented the Secretary of State’s 2013 Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE) to three companies, selected from among twelve finalists, at a ceremony held at the Department of State on Wednesday, January 29, 2014.

Musical instrument manufacturer Taylor Guitars in Cameroon was honored for environmentally and socially responsible sourcing, harvesting, and milling of rare ebony, including conserving ebony stocks by raising consumer awareness; enhancing local incomes by hiring local workers; training workers to use state-of-the art equipment; and encouraging Cameroonian legal and policy reforms to improve transparency and traceability of logging permits and respect for the rights and needs of other forest users.

Garment manufacturer Fruit of the Loom in Honduras was honored for achieving a ground-breaking collective bargaining agreement with its workers that has become a model for Central America; recognizing unions, empowering workers, and promoting freedom of association training in its Honduran assembly facilities; providing 10,000 health screenings; and engaging in environmental stewardship through reducing carbon emissions and providing ecological stoves to rural areas.

Electronic device manufacturer Plantronics in Mexico was honored for supporting Mexican science and technology development through establishing a center and sophisticated testing lab employing 100 professionals; forging agreements with local colleges and trade schools to provide work-school collaboration assistance, intern opportunities, and recruitment; and undertaking preventive health initiatives for approximately 2,200 persons. Remarks» More» Photos»

01/29/14  Photos: Annual Awards for Corporate Excellence (ACE)
01/29/14 Remarks at the 15th Annual Awards for Corporate Excellence;  Secretary of State John Kerry; Benjamin Franklin Room; Washington, DC
01/29/14 Secretary of State John Kerry Presents Awards for Corporate Excellence; Office of the Spokesperson; Washington, DC
01/28/14 Secretary of State John Kerry to Present 2013 Awards for Corporate Excellence; Office of the Spokesperson; Washington, DC
12/06/13 2013 Secretary's Award for Corporate Excellence Finalists Selected; Washington, DC